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Thursday, August 24, 2006

ArtemisFowl.com has been updated in preparation for the US release of "The Lost Colony", and now includes some information about Eoin Colfer's US tour in just over a month's time. Unfortunately at this early stage there's not much detail available so exact times aren't yet known for all the events.

September 30th : MBA Breakfast
Barnes and Noble
Roseville, Minnesota
More details

October 1st
Red Balloon
St Paul, Minnesota
More details

October 2nd
Anderson's Bookshop
Naperville, Illinois
More details

If you manage to get to one of these, please send in any stories or photos from the events that you'd like to see on Mesmerised - you'll get credit!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today, for the first time in a long time, there's been something confirmed about the Artemis Fowl movie!

An article appeared in The Sunday Times today saying that Irish director Jim Sheridan is "writing the screenplay for the first movie adaptation with Colfer, with a view to directing the multi-million-euro project." Jim Sheridan said back in 2003 that he'd been approached about the movie but denied that he would be the director. His main concern three years ago was whether it would be filmed in Ireland. Although the new article in The Times says that no decisions about location have been made, it does confirm that scouts have been out and about in Ireland.

The Time article also notes that nobody has yet been cast in the film... so all of those rumours are definitely just rumours! For the full story with all of the information about the film, please read the article.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

CBBC are now running a competition to win books signed by several children's authors who attended the Edinburgh Festival, including Eoin Colfer. Visit the CBBC website for your chance to enter, but do it quick because the competition closes on August 30th!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thanks to Artemis Fowl Confidential and Artemis Fowl FanGathering, we know that an interview has been posted on Unison.ie with young Irish actor Aidan Mitchell. In this interview he expresses an interest in the role of Artemis Fowl:

Aidan said he would love to work with Steven Spielberg, but for now he is hoping to clinch a role in the movie, 'Artemis Fowl'.

The film, which is based on the books by ex-schoolteacher, Eoin Colfer, is currently in pre-production.

He said he had to work hard on "getting rid" of his Irish accent for the American roles but he would be more than happy to bring it back for a role in an Irish movie.

If you wish to read the full interview, it is available here (registration is required, but free). However it would be wise to remember that other young actors have expressed an interest in the role before, including Devon Murray from the Harry Potter films, and that this does not mean they have been cast or even approached about the role.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

To coincide with the release of "The Lost Colony" in the UK & Ireland, Puffin are running a competition to find the Ultimate Fowl Super Fan. To enter you have to send in fanfiction, fanart, a video, a design for a game, or photos of yourself dressed up - or a combination of these. The prize is a day of LEPrecon Combat Training plus a bag of Fowl goodies and the closing date is October 31st. For more information about the competition, visit ArtemisFowl.co.uk.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

From the people who brought you the Orion Awards there's now "The Observatory", an Artemis Fowl zine covering all sorts of fanfic and fanart related topics. It includes profiles of fic writers, both well-known and upcoming (including an interview with August's Author Of The Month, AgiVega); a fanart guide; loads of useful writing tips; some general silliness... and loads more! Issue 1 is out now so why don't all you fandomers out there take a peek.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today the fifth Artemis Fowl book, "The Lost Colony", was released in the UK and Ireland so expect AF forums across the internet to be half-deserted! The release date was moved forward more than a whole month from September 7th to August 3rd, and then a little while later to August 2nd. So don't worry if you weren't expecting the book so soon!

If you haven't already got yourself a copy, it's currently in Amazon's Deals of the Week at less than half price - £5.71 to be exact! So now might be the time to order yourself one.

Or, if you feel like nipping down to your local shops, you could grab a copy in Waterstones at the same time as you pick up a leaflet for an Artemis Fowl competition they're running in conjunction with Puffin. Crack the Gnommish code, solve the clues and you could win a hi-tech overhaul of your bedroom!

But all good bookshops should be selling copies now, so whatever you do - if you're in the UK or Ireland, make sure you get yourself one! *winks*

(Sorry everyone else, but the book doesn't hit America until September 15th and might not reach other countries until even later... You guys may have to find other ways to amuse yourself.)

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